Shipping + Delivery

 ** PLEASE NOTE: Due to the recent global implications of the Coronavirus, limitations on deliveries and extra precautions, such as quarantine, are causing some delays. **

Currently only accepting domestic orders.

You'll have the option to pick a carrier, between UPS or USPS, whichever works best for you, costs wise.

WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for packages once they have been mailed. Packages are out of our responsibility once we have given them to carrier. Please check your tracking number and if your package has been lost or stuck in transit you need to contact your carrier.

Being a small starting business, we are not able to offer a flat rate shipping, but we'll only charge what they charge us, we make zero profit from shipping.

In due time, we'll be able to make a flat rate shipping.

Your order is packed within 1 business day (Mon-Friday), which excludes weekends and/or holidays. Your package is then sent to the carrier of your choice. Time frame between carrier and your residency depends on which carrier/shipping method you chose. You'll receive a tracking number in your email to track your order, once it has shipped.